10 months ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Intellothon.

11 months ago

Time to get extra professional

Hey hackers,

We’ve got a question for you, what’s better than the PyCharm community edition IDE? The PyCharm Professional IDE!!! We didn’t want to leave you guys any excuses for not leaving a banger at the submissions, so the team Intellothon and JetBrains have decided to let all of us wield the complete potential of the professional edition IDE by giving us free provisional usage to their IDE.  

Grab your 2-month licence before December 15 from the JetBrains Store using the mutli-user key : “Intellothon”


Happy hacking,

Team Intellothon.



If you have any questions about the hackathon,…

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11 months ago

More tools for your hack!

Hey hackers,

It’s good see many of you working together towards something that we all appreciate and love. Jet Brains dears this as much as we do, hence they have opened the early access program to their tool for collaborative development and pair programming, Code with me.  Coding with your teammates is now as simple as 1 and 2.

1 - Download the latest available version of your favourite JetBrains IDE, and install the Code With Me plugin from the Marketplace.

2 – Share the link with your teammates and ask them to follow the installation procedures.  

You can always…

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